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More Stuffs in the Near Future

2009-12-24 01:38:55 by jartbeats

Hey guys,

It's been a while since I last uploaded, but I experienced a massive creative block. As you may or may not know, everything I submit until the end of January is from my MIDI/Audio Tech class at school. We work in Reason 3 and Sibelius 4. I'm excited because starting on January 4th, the lab is going to be upgraded to Reason 4. (Edit: It looks like we're having a hard time getting this to work. This may take a while and we may only get it working when the class is over on the 24th.)

I've been working on another project that I may or may not post here. In my opinion, it's not as good as the other 2 that I made a while back. It's true that I've gotten much better in Reason, but I was working so hard on the first part of the song, I only had a day to do the 2nd half before the deadline. I've been told that the 2nd part of it sounds like the theme to Battlefield 1942. I have no idea if it does. I haven't played that game in years and I forgot what it sounded like. Someone only told me this after I finished the melody. Here's a little schedule of what to expect.

Name: The Betrayal
Project: Sibelius Melody Project
Due Date: 12/18/09
Task: We had to make an original melody in the music notation program, Sibelius. The melody had to be 8 bars minimum, and we had to use it throughout the majority of the song.
Outcome: Not my best. I took way too long coming up with the 8 bars that I wasted most of my time. This resulted in a half-assed piece

Name: Battle Techno (Remix of Battle Metal by Turisas)
Project: Remix Project
Due Date: 1/15/10
Task: Basically, we have to choose a song, look for the MIDI version on the internet, and personalize it. This one is gonna be fun.
Outcome: Eh, decent. Again, I ran out of time.

Name: CoRrUpTiOn
Project: Project of Change
Due Date: End of January
Task: For this, we have to make a song with the theme of nonviolence. It is very abstract, as different people associate different melodies with different things. I expect this one to be slow and calm (maybe good for a chill puzzle game).
Outcome: Oh shit... I have to make this song in 2 days...


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